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The 045's stated capacity is 35 lbs. The rack will hold 7 racks of ribs. Assuming 2.5 - 2.75 lbs per rack, your total weight will be about 21 lbs. Bottom line, you can smoke up to 7 racks at a time.

Circulation shouldn't be a problem if you place the ribs in the rack allowing space between the ribs. You may find the outer ribs will cook a bit quicker so test them accordingly. You can also try swapping the outer ribs to the inside slots and vice versa after an hour or two.

Fully loading the rib rack with cold ribs may induce a bit longer cook time due to the heat sink effect but once your at set temp the cook time should be OK with little temp fluctuation.

Let us know how they turn out.
Thanks for the info. I used to be able to do 6 at a time on a Weber Bullet, but spending 7 hours in a column of carbon monoxide was not working well with my lungs. So I switched over to the CS.

I did my first cook last night -- two slab, not 6. They came out delicious -- although they would have been better if I had enough patience to let them cook another hour or so. But I was too eager to try it. My wife and I polished off one slab between us in about 8 minutes.

I'm delighted, and so is she.

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