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I am buying a new barbaque to finish up my back yard, I am considering a weber but I am not sure
how many BTU's I should get, I thought the recommended amount was about 200 BTU's per square inch of
surface, but I read here http://www.helpandinformation....-barbeque-grill.html
that I only need around 100, would this be enough or should I go for the "man" overkill?
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Hey Q, we're here to help with all BBQ, even gassers.


What are you planning on cooking. BTU's are the be all, end all of what you need to buy.

We need to know WHAT you want to cook and how MUCH you want to cook to help you out.

If there a reason for the gasser, there are cheaper and more expensive options. Do you have a price range?
Before you jump to get an infra-red grill to get the high heat for steaks, take a look at the opinions of customers on Amazon etc. Apparently an awful lot of them do not hold up well, rust, etc. Charbriol has nice looking rather inexpensive infra-red grills. From my research, they don't hold up well. Cheaper sometimes means less quality. If Weber had an infra-red grill I would be interested. My Weber gas grill is going strong after more than 16 years.
Thanks Cal,

I do have a REAL job, keeps me busy about 14 hours a day and I'm writing new 101's for Ribs, Poultry, Brisket for my spring classes.

The classes are already sold out, we added seats and those filled up and the waiting lists for each one are already big enough for more classes. Looks popular and it's 2 months away.

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