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OK, I love smoking Almonds but always have a hard time getting the spices to STICK to the almonds. During the smoking and after. I tried sprinkling conola oil ( small amount ) on them after they came out of the oven, then more garlic and pepper. They still seem to need more spice. The bag I put them in, after the second cook has all the spices on the bottom. I'm thinking about throwing away the almonds and eating the bagSmiler HELP! Thanks Again, Turbodad
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Use Worcestershire or water on the almonds before putting on the spices. They'll stick with no problem. Here's a recipe explaining the process:

Smoked Almonds

I substitute Worcestershire for the tamari and garlic for the chipotle. Smokin has suggested water can do the same. As you can see, it doesn't take much to get the spices to stick to the almonds. Make sure to thoroughly mix the Worcestershire and the almonds so they're evenly coated with the sauce before you apply the spices. I apply the sauce and spices before smoking them and smoke them for four hours at 225* turning them half way through the smoke.
I also follow PAGS except I put some Worcestershire, Sea Salt, Minced Garlic and a little Hot Sauce all in a bowl, put in my almonds and stir and mix real good till they are all coated real well. I then sprinkle a little more Sea Salt on them, spread them out on a mesh stainless container and cook them at 225* for 4-4-1/2 hours. I use plenty of wood (6 0z. hickory). No need to turn the almonds in the mesh bowl, lots of smoke and great flavor.
Pags and tigerfan, thanks for the help. I love the idea of minced garlic for that crispy crunch of toasted garlic. I'm thinking 6 cloves for 2 pounds of almonds. Does that sound like the correct amount. Have you ever tried popcorn salt in place of sea salt? It's fine and may stick better. tigerfan, what kind of hot sauce do you add to the mixture and how much for 2 pounds. Thanks Again.
I have not tried the popcorn salt, sounds like it would do well. I use either Crystal Hot Sauce or Louisiana Hot Sauce, I don't like tabasco, too hot and no flavor! Your favorite brand will do!!I also like garlic, 6 cloves would not be too much for me. Let us know how it works for you and good luck.

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