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By now, some of the regulars have noticed I have taken a position as administrator (I prefer moderator).  My name is David and I am truly interested in keeping the forum informative and pretty much BBQ related. I volunteered in order to free up Stuart from police activities(he has a company to run) and to help keep spam where it belongs; in a skillet so please, post no spam.  And I am not fond of trolls.  'nuff said.

I do not work for Cookshack so I cannot help with any technical or warranty issues regarding equipment.  I visit the forum daily as a smoker first and foremost to see what others are up to and offer hints and tips and advice IF I feel I have the experience to do so; and that would be related solely to the Amerique.

In the OPEN Forum, if someone wants to offer their hands on opinion or ask a question about a meat slicer for slicing their homemade bacon, have at it.  What brand slicer worked and what didn't is fine IF you have hands on experience. Same with food vacuum sealers. Many of us probably smoke too much food  at one time (I always do) and have to freeze some for later which requires re-heating without ruining the leftovers.  Please share your knowledge.  

I am a retired Army MSG (70-95), currently working as a construction inspector, enjoy the Bible, astronomy, grilling, smoking, restoring old furniture, scroll sawing doo dads for kids, reading news from a couple dozen domestic and foreign sites, and PBR.

I reckon that is all I have to say in the form of introduction.


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