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My sister-in-law wanted me to smoke her a ham on christmas. She picked up the ham and when i looked at it just a few minutes ago she picked up a Hormel Half Sprial Ham. How is the best way to smoke it on a smokette with out drying it out. The ham is 7.65 lbs. all help would much appricated. Note the ham is pre cooked.
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myself i would get it to 155 internal as fast as could just because of food safety but that wouldnt take too long. after that i would mix my favorite rub with some honey and maybe a fruit juice and wrap it and put back in for maybe an hour at the lowest heat setting and then take out wrapped and let rest 30 mins before i unwrapped it.
but the whole key is to get it thru the 40-140 degree danger period as fast as possible
I Re-smoke alot of Ridge Creek Spiral for people around town during the Holidays, I use Hickory Apple blend in My 260 CS I smoke 225 for 2 1/2 or until it reaches serving temp. then honey/turb-sugar glaze. Depending on how many I smoke depends on length and temp. The numbers above is average for doing one. The added smoke really sets these babies off. I'm not familiar with the smokette but I hope this may help you.
I never have the problem of drying out
Have a Merry Christmas!!!!
In His Love,

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