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Saw your other post about this being your first contest. What did you think?

You have an FE, but which version will tell FE some specifics. He knows these smokers like a boat captain knows the Mississippi River.

How did it go? We're always interested in reports. How was the contest itself, location, etc. They take care of the cooks there?

Did you keep a good notebook of what you did?

Key to KCBS is the three judging criteria. Apperance, Taste and Tenderness. they ALL matter, they just have a different weighting factor.

First, Taste is the highest score.
Second, Tenderness is the 2nd and
Third is Appearance.

How were your scores for Taste and Tenderness?

Like you're doing pick a category and we can all help with making it better.


Agree with FE, it wasn't done. You cooked it on time and smoker temp. What was the temp of the meat when you pulled it? Did you test it with a probe to see how tender it was. If it wasn't tender when you pulled it, that would tell you not to pull it.
Here we go guy's,

We cook on a FEC100
We were cooking at the notch between 180 and 275, I guess that is 235.
We cooked 21/2 hours and then wrapped it and cooked another 8.We juice injected before cooking it.

Here was our scores:

Chicken : 879 867 866 866 756 868
Ribs : 967 878 967 878 755 877
Pork : 898 666 789 867 678 557
Brisket : 966 766 556 966 545 669

There was 90 teams

Sauce : we finished 25
dessert : we finished 36
Chicken : we finished 86 - Tough Skin!!
Ribs : we finished 64
Pork : we finished 52
Brisket : we finished 84
Overall : We finished 83

We need some pointers.


I had hoped you would have stopped by "Bill and the Dixie Chicks" i could have helped. First do not let this bother you. It was your first time out with a tough crowd. I t does take time to learn this competition thing. Nina and I were pleased with our finish (that's an understatement). I would be happy to share some ideas. Call me at 352 237 5712 during the day and lets talk.
You planning on another comp soon? Maybe one of us will be there and you can stop by. Oklahoma is probably too far to drive?

Originally posted by Where's There's Smoke,There's BBQ:
[qb]We cooked 21/2 hours and then wrapped it and cooked another 8.We juice injected before cooking it.
Brisket : 966 766 556 966 545 669
Brisket : we finished 84 (out of 90)

Jason [/qb]
Okay, take Bill up on his offer. He competes a lot and an offer like that, definitely call him.

And like he said, don't take it hard. It takes a lot of practice to get it right. I spent time judging and working with other teams before I went out on my own last year.

So your scores (If I copy them right):

Was this a full packer or brisket flat, was it select or choice, did it have fat or not? Couldn't tell if you're an experience Brisket cook (and just new to FE's) or you need general help. Let us know which.

Appearance: 975956

two nines and two fives, that's quite a range. Just try to look back at the box and the brisket itself and see what you might improve.

Taste: 665646
6 is considered the starting point, so they're telling you it just tasted average. No "wow" factor.

You said in your post you only cooked it 2 1/2 hours (couldn't tell for sure) then foiled. I think you foiled to early. The brisket definitely needs time to absorb the smoke. I think those that foil (and not everyone does) typically shoot for 165 internal then foil. Don't do it on a set time, do it on a specifc temp.

Also, check what you injected it with, maybe that didn't help.

And what rub did you use. You don't have to post it here, but you might look into that.

Tenderness: 666659
Like Taste your scores were 6's (throw out the lowest score, the 5) so the judges just rated it as "average" again.

Your original post talked about pulling on a set time and that just won't work. You need to cook brisket to a point where it's tender, not based on a specific time, but a specific finishing temp AND probing. Once you're in the ball park for internal temp (say 185) you need to start poking the meat to test for tenderness. You can NOT tell always on a set temp. Poking it you want to test to see how much "give" the meat has. If your probe is hard to go in, then it will be hard to chew.

And I have to ask, did you cut it across grain?

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