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about 30 years ago I found a rub formula in Atlanta called the "Texas State Line" rub I became friendly with the owner but about 2 years later the place closed after decades of great and I mean great smoking. I had several suppies of his rub and knew where it came from. Right after the place closed I contacted the maker and got a supply for about $400 for 100 lbs. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY the best rub I have ever seen or used or eaten. I moved here to Mississippi in about 1990. I met some doctors who were competing in barbecue contests throughout the area. They always LOST!! So I told them about the rub and where to get it. They WON or placed in every contest they entered but the main guy died at age 44 in the middle of a contest. Shortly before he died he had his wife deliver me 50lbs of it but it is long gone and actually a loss because at that time I really was not smoking at all. Now I have contacted the place and they won't mix less than 700 lbs. I am wondering if any of you would be willing to go in with me in getting a batch. I only need a few pounds and DON'T want to sell it. SmokingOKE, anyone let's talk I am telling you this is very very special stuff. I do like the Cookshack brisket and chicken rub you are talking about a cosmic experience with the rub I am talking about.
I have my notifications on so let's see if any of you are interested.
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OK I think they wanted $1.85 per pound. The formula was a propriatery one for the TEXAS STATE LINE BARBECUE in Atlanta. Out of business and only the formula remains which I have purchsed 2 times once in 1985 or so and once in 1992 here for another Quer'er. I realze this is a perisbable comodity. And this is something I have been thinking about for years but just got a Cookshack and now have this website to talk to other Que'ers. Maybe evern Smoking Okie. I have considered this stuff like GOLD and would love to share what I think will be a lost formula if it isn't saved.
I'm no pro ,but I have cooked with some and several had large lines of rub.
I was living and working in north Atlanta in those days and remember Texas State Line as a place that produced some decent "Bowl of Red" for GA and played lots of the old Austin bunch of Willie Nelson,Jerry Jeff Walker,etc.

Seems folks think it is now this place in Buckhead.

One Star Ranch
25 Irby Ave
Atlanta, GA 30305
Neighborhood: Buckhead

(404) 233-7644

Like the experienced cooks above mentioned lots of producers sample to cookteams and we buy a lot of others.

The shelf life is always a problem,and most good teams figure the rub is about 5% of their cooking success and just part of their overall process.

Might be hard to find a taker with you,even if they did see somebody win and claimed it was from the rub.

Good luck and hope things work out.
Thanks I will call them and see if it is the same rub. This is proprietary and I think the makers would never never give the formula away only sell the rub. I just got to thinking that now I have found others with the passion so I thought I would float it by you guys.

So what are you using for brisket that is proprietary. or homemade.

I used to live in Atlanta and remember Texas State Line on Roswell Rd quite well. It was the first place I ever tried brisket, and I left thinking those Texas folks must be crazy. Tough and dry to the max. It wasn't until I got my CS years ago that I cooked my own and figured out what all the brisket lovers were raving about.

BTW, not a knock on the rub, which I don't remember, but a knock on tough brisket, which I do remember. Smiler
Thanks God for someone who remembers what I am talking about. I ate their beef ribs etc etc. I don't recall brisket. What I did do is become friendly with the owner. and got a 5 pound or so sample of rub. Changed everything I was doing. Then when they closed about 2 or so years later. I got the rub from the original spice company and now think I would like to see if others migth be interested in sharing a bulk purchase.

Bob Trav
With all the really good rubs out there, you're going to have to find fans of the original to get any help.

have you priced it out, how much will a run cost, with shipping?

If it's about $2 a pd and they want 750 lb minimum, then that's $1500 less S&H. 10 people that's $150 each.

I don't know any rub I want for that amount. But keep searching, and keep hitting a few forums, maybe you'll get some more people with memories.

Maybe have to advertise in that region to find other people with memory of it.
OK smokin

See when all this went down 30 years ago. There was NO internet. NO cell phones NO hope of doing any of this connections with people like us to connect. You are right. The disappointment is that the spice company just won't send a sample which I would gladly pay $25 bucks for a pound to send it free to people like you who can make a difference. I do like the Cookshack rubs. And especially their North Carolina type of sauce. That is the best I have ever had. and that covers 40 years of smoking. I think I will try one more time and offer these guys what every they want for a pound so I can send it to you and anyone else to see what you think.
Originally posted by Bobtrav:
... And especially their North Carolina type of sauce. That is the best I have ever had...

CS doesn't have any NC style that I know of, only tomato based sauces. Are you talking about my recipes from PB 101 or something you bought from CS? They have CS Mild and Spicy but both of those are tomator sauces.

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