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I've made lots of forum modifications over the past month or so, hope that people are noticing the changes.

Take note, that people are now posting to the specific topic forums near the bottom of the main page


Individual Topic Forums

Good place to post a question related to that specific topic.

New members, have a look Big Grin
Old members, don't forget to look Wink
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Yeah, that's why I posted this. It's hard to "miss" those forums as they're down on the main page, but if we start using them for the topics, there's a lot of specific info that will help.

Say someone needs to talk "Brisket" Post it there and also review the links there, and the info might be available.

My earlier post, asking for suggestions to help our new folks find the volumes that are written here,hasn't taken off. Frowner

We hate to seem rude by saying"go to FIND at page top,input topic into all forums,read Smokin's 101,read the best of forum,and we'll try to pick up any specific that is left".

Maybe a Banner across the top of the page,like a large ad? Big Grin
Originally posted by Wurts-Bagel:
Could we set one up for pics??? I love to read the great stories behind everyones Q, but seein there pictures is like takin me right to there back yard.....just a thought

Photos are a challenge for most posters it seems. I probably wouldn't add a photo only forum for a couple of reasons.

You'd lose the subject concept here of all Brisket together, then you'd have to go through multiple forums for brisket info.

Photos really aren't that well used here. Lots of people have a hard time with the photo album feature and others post links to other Photo servers, but after a year or two those links disappear.

Look through the archives, you'll see lots of broken links.
Yeah, there are TONS of those broken links. Problem when we upgrade to this version, they couldn't fix the code in the posts that pointed to the old forum and as it was the same company. We were NOT happy they couldn't fix that.

The posts they they "linked" to are still here, just different links now. Sorry.

As I've worked on posts, move them, I try to fix those or just delete them.

I'm working that email you sent me too, just been real busy.
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Originally posted by tarpon:
Were those forums archive only the other day? If they were it makes sense to open them up instead of looking in three or more different forums for one topic.


Not sure what you're saying, they always been open, but they were labeled as "archive" so some people didn't use them. I just took the text "archive" off of them.

The one topic concept has been there just not used, but butts, briskets, ribs are our top topics, so hopefully they'll be used more now.

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