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A couple days ago I received an email from Cookshack and among other things it contained a recipe for injecting a pork butt. I'm curious about this. I've never injected a PB because it was my opinion that a PB is loaded with internal fat and collagen therefore it shouldn't need the extra moisture. Since the recipe contained only salt, sugar, vinegar and water it would add little flavor. What is the thinking here? Have I been missing something by not injecting? I'd be happy to give it a shot if there would be some significant gain that I am presently unaware of. Please comment. Thanks a bunch.
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You're adding "layers" of flavor, not trying to keep it from drying out.

For me, pork is a pretty bland taste when you each just pork. But for the outside you can add rubs and create a bark, but the inside doesn't get that.

That's a VERY basic injection. Add/change whatever you want.
Like Smokin' says,most of us add some of our rub an maybe a little vinegar sauce when we pull butts to serve.

In MIM comps, they cook 6 whole 16-18 lb shoulders,and they may be selected right off the cooker,by the judge.

If the judge pulls meat from down in the center mass,it can be tasteless,as Smokin' said.

They also, may be doing 150 lb whole hog,which presents the same taste problem.

The MIM folks a past masters,at adding those layers of flavor.

Of course, there is the old story about you Missouri folks adding bbq rub to your hog feed,and preseasonin' the hog ,while it eats. Wink
Mornin' TaktEZ.

You have cooked long enough to know that learnin' to cook the product is 95% of a good cook.

That said,there are some minor things we do ,to pick up a couple more percent.

It is fun to experiment,with injections,rubs,etc.

Sometimes, the results are good.

Be aware, that just as we don't put heavy rubs on ribs overnight,because we might cure and make them hammy,a vinegar injection ,too many hrs in advance,can pickle and break down a butt, to mushy.

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