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So far, looks like just 5 of us, unless others jump in.

To those unsure, or on the fence it goes like this. You are given the name of a member to send some BBQ swag to--some sauce, rub, smoked almonds, jerky, or whatever. We usually put a limit of $20-30 dollars so not too expensive. You mail swag to someone, and someone else mails swag to you.

Great way to have a little fun, "meet" some other members, and find some new sauces and rubs you didn't know about before.

For me, I have learned new techniques, new recipes, and more, including receiving real Vermont maple syrup, cookbooks, and great rubs I still use today. It is pretty fun. Like a BBQ Christmas!

Hope some more folks will jump on board by signing up on this thread....

BTW, I will post to one of our old exchange threads, so any one who previously participated will get an email notice--just in case they haven't checked the forum in a while.
looks like we have a few takers!

PM me your name, email, and shipping address. I will send you details on who you are shipping to.

ground rules are: send $20-$30 of BBQ swag to your recipient. Make it fun. Local sauces. Homemade items, rubs, recipes, special wood, etc.

Last date to get in on the exchange is Friday, March 17, so if you are on the fence, jump on board!

Once we have everyone assigned to a recipient, I will start a new thread for everyone to post pics of their swag.
Ok fellas,
Here's whos in:

Mr T
Idaho Mike
Joe M

We are covering the whole country, from California to Idaho to Montana to Kansas to Missouri to South Carolina to New Jersey.

I have PM'd or emailed everyone, so if you didn't get it, let me know!

I will start a new thread for everyone to post pics of their swag they receive.

Deadline to mail is March 27. (if that deadline creates any hardships, just reach out and let us know Smiler

Again, the idea is to send BBQ swag or other paraphernalia -- rubs, sauce, jerky, cookbook, coozies, homemade secrets, or whatever suits your fancy. Need not be expensive, but aim for $20-$30 or so.

Have fun!

Thanks everyone--anxious to see what we all end up with!

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