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I was surfing Ebay this morning and stumbled across this product. I have not been using my SM150 or SM025 much except for an occasional cold smoke. Yes, I love my PG500 that much! Anyways, converting one of the electrics using this device is very intriguing. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts?

My concerns:

Cutting a hole in one of the units.
What am I going to be cutting through? I am guessing steel and insulation. Will it be a clean cut? Will I still be able to hot smoke once I make the cut?

Would I be better off buying a cheap grill and converting it to a cold smoker using this device?

I see this as an excellent way to cold smoke fish, cheese, etc. without changing the temperature inside the units.

Thank you for your input.
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You might want to take a look at an Amaz-N-Smoker. About $40 bucks. It was suggested to me to use in my Smokette. Truly an amazing product. I used it to cold smoke some cheese and it turned out terrific. Can maintain a very low temp without firing up your big smoker and produces a terrific amount of smoke. They have many types of pellets to use in it. I believe others have also recommended this product on this forum.

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