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just got my 020 smokette last night. put it together and seasoned it. darn the bad luck but i have to work today. cant wait to get home and start smoking. i cant get over the feeling that it is so small. i used to use a big cs commercial model at work so i dont know if this just seems tiny by comparison. i would appreciate some feedback on the number of people you all have fed out of your smokette. it would make me feel a lot better. i dont cook for a living anymore, it is just for the family and parties and for fun.
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Well, put 4 butts in there, 7.5 lbs each, cooked down about 15 lbs of meat and at 1/4 lb per sandwich, that's 60.

We always advise asking us for recommendations, based on the amount of what you're wanting to cook. You'll be able to cook plenty, you just may have to cook some in advance, say big cuts like briskets/butts and hold those while you finish smaller stuff; ribs or chicken.
I've yet to max out my Elite, and I've had parties of 15-16 people. I'll be having some 40+ over in August and am planning on smoking in shifts like Smokin suggests.

Briskets or butts early and hold. Salmon later since it doesn't take long to smoke. Poor man's surf and turf. You can always do something like beer can chicken on the grill also to add to the feast.
I thought my 08 was small. Then I filled it 2 cooks and man my wallet hurt. It cooks more than I can afford. Nobody has smoked meat that comes close to mine. Mine is moist, done and just the right smoke flavor. Avoid putting in more than 2 ozs of solid wood. 2 Butts, 3ozs wood. 4.5 racks ribs, 2ozs wood.
I get accused of using too much BBQ sauce. I smoke my ribs, BB backs, 1.5 hrs uncovered with rub, then I put them on foil add just enough BBQ sauce to cover and wrap the foil. 3.5 more hrs at 200-225.
I got scalded when one foil opened and spilled down my chest. That was from 1 half rack. It felt like hot cheese, wet down my whole shirt. It was my birthday and I was not gonna drop those ribs.
Got cheers and pats on the back from my 3 buds in the garage that saw it happen.


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