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Here are the results from Jacksonville. Congrats to Kevin and Clare for their reserve!

BBQ Blast - Jacksonville, FL
March 24-26, 2006

26 Pro teams, 7 Backyard Teams
FBA Reps - Chuck Ray, Toni Holbrook, Ida Isaacs

Grand Champion - Smoke & Spice - 742.36665
Reserve - - 726.21668

3rd - Woodhouse Grill - 726.11669
4th - Prime Time Smokers - 720.01667
5th - Big Daddy's Butt Rub - 715.46665
6th - The Dixie Boys - 711.68331
7th - Big Green Eggs & Ham - 708.91667
8th - Saltine and Beanbag - 702.16669
9th - Hogoholics - 696.88335
10th - Squeals on Wheels - 696.88332

1st - Woodhouse Grill
2nd -
3rd - Hogoholics
4th - The Dixie Boys
5th - Black Creek Smokers
6th - Smoke & Spice
7th - Saltine and Beanbag
8th - Budmeisters
9th - Redneck BBQ
10th - Firehouse Chefs

1st - Barbeque Crew
2nd - Squeals on Wheels
3rd - Smoke & Spice
4th - Chatham Artillery BBQ
5th -
6th - Blind Hog BBQ
7th - Firehouse Chefs
8th - Big Green Eggs & Ham
9th - Big Daddy's Butt Rub
10th - Prime Time Smokers

1st - Big Daddy's Butt Rub
2nd - Munchees Smokehouse
3rd - Woodhouse Grill
4th - Smoke & Spice
5th - Hogoholics
6th - Blind Hog BBQ
7th - The Dixie Boys
8th - Prime Time Smokers
9th - Hammer's Catering
10th - DW's Kountry Cookers

1st - Prime Time Smokers
2nd - Smoke & Spice
3rd -
4th - The Dixie Boys
5th - Big Green Eggs & Ham
6th - Budmeisters
7th - Saltine and Beanbag
8th - Hillbilly's BBQ
9th - Woodhouse Grill
10th - DW's Kountry Cookers
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way to go kevin and clara!!!!!!!!!!
channel 30 news here showed the near riot when keniville did not make his jump saturday nite.
hope you made it out ok
ps. would you recommend this as an event. it would have been a short tow for us but the entry form for sure scared us off. hope to see you in callahan in june
Thanks all, I will be in Viera (Niceville cancelled)... I already have the Application mailed in..

Actually, Jacksonville is a big time event, with a BBQ contest attached, kind of like Pig on the Pond in Clermont.. I would say they learned a few lessons this year, and I would only expect for this one to get better. The organizer Joe Johnson, did a great job, especially with what he had to deal with. The County, City, and State were crawling all over this thing, and he did a great job of keeping them off our backs.

They had 30amp power which was great, I wish I would have needed the AC, I was tempted to run it anyway, because I could.

I would say, if he is able to do this again, its a keeper..
just to update everyone on this contest.
i found the following link at the national bbq news forum concerning this contest.
after reading it i wonder why all the sharp legal begals haven't also named the FBA since they gave their blessings to this event?
it's a shame really as a major contest 20 mins tow away from us would have been nice and after this black eye i rather doubt that the city will ever trust a promotor or the FBA again.
my heart goes out to all those that competed and lost money

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