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This may be slightly OT as it is not what you sprinkle on a steak after cooking, but without a doubt, it is my favorite store bought meat spice. JCS Boston Jerk seasoning (google). They sell this at Publix in Florida, but I have also done bulk mail order if it was not in stock at the grocer. The group feedback is always exceptionally positive and I feel somewhat guilty taking any credit for something so store bought. I have used this method for cooking ribeyes, swordfish, but the best for me is skinless chicken thighs (bone-in).

The product has the consistency of a paste with rough-cut pieces. You have to spoon it out. I used to apply it with my hands for full coverage, but it actually made my hands burn (for quite some time). I believe, over the years, they have toned it down, so I combat this by adding the company's own bottled scotch bonnets (google: JCS Boston scotch bonnet )

Goes something like this.

To a gallon Ziploc add:

12 skinned chicken thighs
2-3 (10oz) jars JCS Boston Jerk Seasoning
1-2 tbsp JCS Scotch bonnet pepper sauce
1/3 cup soy sauce

I wear latex gloves while spooning this onto each side, trying to cover all areas, especially the exposed edges from the butcher cuts. I almost always double the recipe, and end up with 2 Ziploc bags.

Remove air, massage the Ziploc careful not to poke holes, double bag the ziplock with 2 grocery plastic bags, and put it the fridge for 24hrs or more.

Do not cheat on this step.

I have let them soak for up to 3 days (ribeyes), but get lesser results by trying to get past the marinating period of at least 24hrs. Your whole fridge will know something dangerous is in there, and if you so much as touch it, you will want to wash your hands (it somehow will get through all three bags).

I grill indirectly on a charcoal grill (pile in the middle; chicken around the edges, and grill for ~40 minutes. There will be a nice carmelization going on, and still plenty of jerk paste.

I hope someone gets to try this because it has a unique spice for those not accustomed to jerk seasonings, and a great flavor, and is hot enough to bring out a little brow sweat. I broke this out on some unsuspecting folks at this year's super bowl party and it pretty much steals the show as far as grilled chicken goes. You have to warn people ahead of time. You don't need your 90 year old grandmother getting into this. It's also best to get all of the bland grilling out of the way first, as this stuff will be all over the grill and the tools.

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Thanks for the welcome, Okie. Also, a much appreciated, belated thanks for turning me on to (tried all):

Vinegar mop, finishing sauce, mustard sauce, brisket 101, brining instructions, and probably some others I am forgetting. We are eating pretty well down here thanks to you guys.

Thanks for the resource and your time.


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