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For SmokinOkie: I know this is an old subject; but! I am using "Kevins Jerky Marinade Recipe" and QDoggs Jerky 101 method of smoking in my Smokette. 225 degrees. door open 1 inch for the first 2 hours, then closed for an hour, open for an hour and then closed again for another hour or 2. My last batch came out wet and I blotted the jerky with paper towels, put them in jip lock bags and in a week they had gone bad. What is the best method cooking at 8 hours at 170 deg. or the open-closed door method ? Thanks , Little Art
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Art -- can you explain your process frrom start to finish?

If the jerky came out moist/wet the door needed to be open longer.

Went bad in a week?
Did you use a cure?
Did you do High Mtn or a commercial blend or homemade?

Did you vacuum seal?

Stored in fridge/freezer or counter top/cabinet?

The more details the better.

I've never used the QDogg method but think we can figure this out.

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