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I am planning to try my hand at jerky this summer. It will be my first time but I am planning to do at least one small batch each week.

This is my planning time.

I realize I don’t have to buy the accessories but I assume it would make my life easy.

Please tell me if I am missing something or you think I don’t need it or don’t buy this brand vs that brand.

Skewers – I have. I will try hanging jerky from the skewers

High Mountain Jerky Cures and Seasoning kits – first few batches I would like to use this stuff so I get familiar with the process. Then when I know what I am doing I can use TQ etc

HM Jerky board and knife set -


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I did a couple of batches in my electric smoker when I had it (SM 66). You can not go wrong with High Mountain. Just use it as directed. Slicing the meat the way you want it is a pain. When your slices are different thicknesses, they will cook differently and finish at different times. I always laid mine on racks, never used the skewers. I would recommend pre-sliced meat for your first run. And little or no wood in your electric smoker. It is really easy to over smoke jerky. My favorite way to do it is with bugolgi sliced knuckle roast, I mix the Hi Mtn and sprinkle one side of the meat only, put the sliced roast back together and let it set overnight in the fridge. I then lay it out flat on my FEC 100 racks. I have seven racks and smoke it at 170 till done. Usually about two to three hours. Turns out great. It's going like hotcakes: I've done over 30 pounds of jerky (finished) in the last 30 days (about x2.4 raw product). By the way, if you check the Hi Mtn website, you can get their jerky cures and seasoning in bulk which figures to be about .22 cents/finished pound rather than just over 1.00 for the store-bought boxes. Have not tried ground beef jerky yet. Oh, by the way: I prefer a dry cure to a wet cure. So much better, as Jerky is a drying process. Here's a pic.


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We have to get you sending me the photos. That's a GREAT shot.

Email me the photo next time.

My email is in my profile and we can load them to the CS server so they are always available and you'll see them in the actual post.

I added it to your post above.

You might also want to post this in it's own thread (great photo like that might get lost in a post about accessories).
I have a FEC 100, so moisture is not really an issue, as it is more of a dry heat with a good airflow. I do open the door a bunch to turn, flip and taste. Smiler Last time I had someone who wanted it spicy, so I sprinkled some cayenne on it before I put it in. But they still loved it. Next time I’ll put in the mix, as you could see it laying on top of the jerky. One other note. Knuckle roast has very little fat. I pull off by hand what I can while I'm seasoning it. The rest gets cooked and I just snip it off with poultry shears (or jerky shears as they've become known at my house) after it's done. Much faster that way.

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