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Has anyone done jerky in their FEPG1000/500?

I want to start doing jerky but have many/many questions….

Can you hold the temps to 160 to 180 in the PG?

How many pounds of beef can you do in a PG?

Do you do wet or dry?

Did you use a seasoning kit or a recipe and if so which one?

Any thoughts as to where I should go next?



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I make jerky pretty often in my PG1000, however it is a fall/winter sport for me.    I find it nearly impossible to keep the temperature low enough during the summer with my grill sitting on the south side of the house.  I used to do a wet brine, but the last couple of years I have been using Hi-Mountain dry seasoning and cure and like the ease and results just as well, if not better.     The last few batches I added sriracha to the bag and the flavor was excellent.     I use a set of 4 Weston jerky racks and typically do a batch of about 5lbs at a time.

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