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Not sure I can follow the logic of comparing two smokers that don't compare.

It's apples and oranges different.

FE is dry heat, AQ is moist
FE is pellets, AQ is electric
FE is all pellets for smoke, AQ is wood chunks (and pellets too if you want) and smokes only as long as there is wood added
FE is twice the inside of an AQ (it's a rough estimate, just a guess)

Not sure I can compare them that way, even for fun, they're just too different and they are NOT the same price.

And given that almost no one has cooked on both, not sure how valid a response is.

What are you getting at?

You need help with a decision?

Me, I'd rather have an FE, that's why I have 3.

But I have an AQ also

Call me lucky Big Grin
I always assumed the Fast Eddy's were for competition cookers who needed to comply with the wood for fuel rule. I have read some things about their ability to get up to temp which sounded pretty amazing, but I would have to go with the apples and oranges. I started with water smokers, moved up to an offset, stumbled into a smokin' tex and ended up with an Amerique. Every step of my journey points to less work, more que.

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