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Hello all

I want to introduce myself to this great group. I am Sal from New Jersey.
I decided to get into pellet grill smoking and grilling. First question I have
For you guys is about smoking ribs or brisket , etc, how is the smoke , do we get that thin
Blue smoke like we look for. My buddy has a traeger and it doesn't really give out
Any smoke for long periods of time, it is more like once in a while. That's not what I'm looking for I want to be able to control how much smoke time I put into my cooks. Any info you guys can give me
Would be greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the forum.

Some folks will cook at lower temps for a period of time, at lower temps the pellets seem to smolder/smoke more.

The PG grills work on a different controller than the treager grills, which in my opinion, this helps PG's give out more smoke.

With that all said, you'll not get a heavy smoke flavor with the pellet grills, which is fine with me. Heavy smoke gives me heartburn.

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