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I have a charity event coming up in a few weeks involving 200+ eaters. My plan is to prepare sliders with sliced brisket...probably flats for economy reasons. I'd like to kick 'em up a bit and was thinking of a Jicama, red onion, red cabbage slaw moistened with some Chimichurri.

Thought I poll the group for alternative suggestions. The only limitation...this is finger food so it can't be too messy.

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MaxQ - I think you're going in the right direction.

I've done brisket sliders (flats) several times for parties and have served them in a manner similar to what you're considering with excellent results.

Typically, I'll serve half of the sliders with a jicama slaw (jicama match sticks, minced Mexican pickled red onions, minced jalapeno, minced garlic, etc.). I serve the other half with a red cabbage confit (shredded red cabbage, minced onion, raisins, red wine, blackberry preserves, etc.). The jicama slaw is served chilled, and the red cabbage confit is served warm or at room temp. Both versions are served on Martin's potato dinner rolls which are excellent for sliders if they're available in your area.
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:
I add some smoked Provolone or other cheese as an option.

We'll be doing slides in the restuarant, still tweaking the final recipe, but we'll offer cheese on them.

We also have a gravy version coming out but that's in R&D (Okies love anything smothers in gravy)

My God! I always thought I was 100% Mainer, but now I learn I may be part Okie because I never met a gravy I didn't like!!!
All great suggestions folks, thanks for the input. I'll do some testing this weekend.

@Tom - biscuits, aside from Micky D's breakfast sammys are viewed with some suspician in northern New England. I'll probably use a mini Challah roll from Tribeca Bakery. Mention biscuits and gravy up here and folks think you're talking about a rock band Big Grin

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