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King Ranch Carne Guisada (tweaked)

3 lbs beef round steak cut into cubes
1 cup or so flour
1 big chopped onion
1/2 cup oil (I like regular old Crisco from the can)
4 garlic cloves
1 qt or thereabouts good beef broth (watch that salt)
1 can Mexican Hot Tomater sauce (I like Kroger brand) or 1 can Rotels
1/2 t. chili powder (Gebhardts)
1/4 t. cumin
salt and pepper to taste (Little Lawrys or McCormick Season All perk this up real nice on the salt ration)

Heat up the oil in a large skillet or pot. Salt and pepper the meat then
dredge in the flour and brown it off in the grease. Add the onion and cook
for a few mins. Add tomato sauce/or Rotels.. garlic and the spices. Add just enough broth to cover the meat and simmer till the meat is tender. Serve with flour
tortillas, pinto beans, spanish rice and salad.

* You can use any kind of meat you want in this..chuck works good as does venison..but you might have to simmer it longer to make it tender. Round steak will usually tender up in about an hour some of the other cuts take much longer. Use a lid or dont as you see fit to make it the consistentcy of beef tips in gravy. It if gets too dry before it tenders up add some more liquid and keep cooking. It also doesnt bother me in the least to make this stuff using granulated garlic and onyawn as opposed to the fresh stuff. Some of the grandchillins refuse to eat stuff if they can see veggies floating around in it. This stuff is not designed to be real spicy. You spicy it up the way you want at the table so everybody can eat it.
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Thanks again bigwheel.Seems like you posted this somewhere ,at least a decade ,or more ago.The Rotels original make it simple and just about right

As you know King Ranch can have some pretty good eatin' meals and sometimes it is 1950 s ,several cans of soup and no flavorful herbs,spices,peppers,etc.This one is simple and comes together well.Those places that didn't cook it to death usually made a better plate.

Had eaten this while living in El Paso in the early '60s and it was pretty much a staple around town.Some would add potatoes and peas and serve in a bowl with warm flour tortillas as beef stew.Others made it almost a "bowl of Red",which was pretty tasty as well.

Some would skip the veggies and serve thick on your breakfast plate with eggs,Mexican rice on one side and refried black beans and warm flour tortillas on the other.
The beverage of choice seemed to usually be an ice cold dark Negro Modelo.

Some would serve it made with pork,sorta as a tacos pastor with rice and refried pinto beans.

Would even see it made with chicken-which was kinda strange.
Great memory banks Tom. Had to plug it into Google to find the recipe again. Originally got the recipe from an old DPS Trooper from Falfurrias and stationed at Corpus who was raised on the Ranch. He claimed it was a favorite lunch of the cowboys. Real common day to to day grub in the greasy spoon Tex Mex joints in that area. All the food around there is based on "Jalisco" style. Not sure what them yankees in El Paso like to Thought they was into New Mexico stuff for some reason. Know the cooks from El Paso who migrated to San Antone is why its not easy to find any good mexican food in that town. Anyway..never seen it with veggies in it. Who has the rope and hog knife? lol. Tried the Carnitas at some of the places around here. Tastes like crock potted pushed pork to the untrained taste buds. Only a couple of Tex Mex restaurants around here which serves carne guisada. The key is some good flour torts which are hard to find unless you got a cute mamacita do make them for you. lol. I also have a good recipe for those for anybody who owns a bread making machine and knows how to hit the "dough" button. Too much manuel labor to make them by hand and the cute ladies are always scarce.
I do something similar but still different. I use the beef, onion and garlic, a can of red enchilada sauce, and a can of green peppers. No beef stock. I cook it in the slow cooker until the meat is tender. Refried beans, Flour Tortillas, and when I do the minute rice, I replace the water with juice from the slow cooker. I also use this basic recipe for pork, I just use the green enchilada sauce for it.

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