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I would like the opinions of anyone who has experience/knowledge of the Warthog V-Sharp Classic knife sharpener (

I saw a reference to this in a woodworking log.

Is this sharpener as good as or better than my Gatgo system? It looks more convenient in a kitchen than taking my knifes to my basement shop to sharpen. I also have seen professional sharpeners used in a packing plant that look like they work on the same principle.

At this time I do not want to give up the money for an Edge Pro System.

Thanks for any help.
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We use an Edge Pro at the restaurant. I have yet to find a sharpener that produces a better edge. I might add that the customer service is right up there with Cookshacks. Two parts have needed replacement in 10 years (aside from the stones) and have been replaced free of charge with complimentary shipping.

I agree 100% with Tom's comment.
Thank you for your opinions. I find it amusing that in originally said i am not getting an Edge Pro at this time; yet, everyone talks about the Edge Pro. Yes, I know it is the best and my Gatgo system is fairly good. But, I must tell you why I want a quick tolerable system.

I experience family members who have no idea of how to treat a knife. After sharpening a Wustoff to shaving sharpness I then have family that takes that knife and CHOPPS vegetables with it like it is an ax. They do this on a ceramic cutting board, granite, or other hard surface. When you witness this and hear the whacks on the stone surface, it drives a grown man to go into a closet, close the door, and cry. :-)

I was looking for a quick and tolerable way to get an edge on a knife when I grabbed it in the kitchen. I am not at a point where I am willing to put a lock on my knives but I may have to and buy a cheap Walmart set for others to happily destroy.

I will get an Edge Pro. I just have to set a stage where it is used properly. Surely, some of you have grown married kids who, in spite of your advice, merrily abuse knives and carve a Thanksgiving turkey with a knife that makes it look like they used a chain saw on the critter.

This is a great forum. Thank you for your advice.

PS. I believe that Cookshack needs all of our advocacy with others at this time. I want this great company to continue to thrive.

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