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I know brisket isn't high on the list of new things to smoke for many newer cooks.It can be costly,they feel their family can't consume it,they can't find a decent one,what if they don't have the room,they really haven't investigated the technique much,what if they mess it up,etc.

But,after they have smoked everything in the neighborhood-including road kill-what is left.

Now ,they have eaten at one of the top places and are amazed.
Many say that cooking the brisket " separates the cooks from the wannabees ". Roll Eyes

Most of us have been there. Frowner

Here is a little info about where a brisket comes from,what the "big boys" cook ,and where do you get one.

Courtesy of Texas Monthly.

Know Your Brisket
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Thanks Tom. That was helpful.

I went to the Fresh Market yesterday and was surprised to see they carried a whole packer brisket. It was graded Prime Choice. Figure that one out. Maybe high end Choice.

It only weighed around 10 lbs as they trimmed most of the fat cap and some of the flat away...the thin end area. The result was a smaller packer very evenly proportioned, looked like it would cook well due to the symmetry. It had excellent marbling. Price $5.00/lb. Think I'll give it a try for my next barbecue.
Ribdog uses the fresh markets? in the Tampa Bay area.They have "upper choice" and on the steaks he gets they are pretty good.Could be he cooks great steaks WinkHe will check in and he knows much more about those markets.

They may be Hereford? which is great.We had a sponsor from out in the Midwest and they sent us Herefords .They are smaller collectives and work smaller groups of farms that raise and harvest to specific size and cut more for restaurants.We've eaten sample briskets at Fresh markets and whole foods and they were good.

Let us know and see if they will work case prices for you.

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