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Hi Everyone,

Last night and today I smoked the largest brisket I've ever done in my Amerique, a prime full packer from Sam's Club, weighing about 16.5 lbs before trimming. It is the largest brisket that will fit in my SM066. The next largest I've dome was around 14 lbs. I'm finding that with such a large piece of meat, easily 4 - 5 inches thick on the point end, I'm finding I have trouble keeping the end of the flat from drying out. I cooked the brisket overnight at 200F and turned it up to 225F in the morning. I probed the brisket in several places at IT of 190 in thick end, and it was all good, like butter and "wiggly." However the last 3 -4 inches of the flat are unappetizingly dry (that part also showed 190 on a thermapen probe).

Maybe the only answer is wrapping which I don't like to do since I like a good dry bark, but I'd appreciate any other ideas. Thanks!

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What electrotech said.  One thing you can do if you have a very thin end on the flat is turn the thin end under the the rest of the flat.  When I do large briskets I shove the brisket together from the point end to the flat end.  When you have a tin flat this will make it a little thicker.  The top picture is my SMO45 with 3 briskets and bottom is my SMO66 with 3 briskets.


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