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Living on the edge for a middle aged farmer in CA on a rainy day with nothing to do. It started when I got the idea to fix something for dinner tonight. Usually my wife calls and asks what take-out I want. But it was raining today and I didn't have much to do. I thought I would beat her to the punch and do some Q. Only problem is I am a terrible planner, so I end up at the grocery store at 1:30 p.m. I already have this funny feeling that dinner may be late. But life is an adventure right? I find a couple good looking pork shoulder/country style ribs. I figure that should be easy and quick. I look for something else to go in with them and I see a rack with corned beef packages on them. Seems I remember something about: "smoked corned beef = pastrami" on the forum, so I buy one and bring it home too. I love pastrami.

I get home, get the ribs in, and start reading all the posts about doing the pastrami thing...... soak for 24 hrs? I can't wait 24 hours I want something for tonight! Get the soaking going, maybe an hour will do. Cut a piece off and microwave it - tastes pretty good - I like salty - maybe it will be o.k. I put some mustard, brown sugar, and a bunch of fresh cracked pepper on it and add it to the ribs in the cs. That was at 4:30 this afternoon. Now it's a little after six in the evening. My wife who usually works late this time of year (late like 9 p.m.), calls and I let her know I have dinner taken care of......Silence, then she lets me know she will be home in an hour or so and she ordered takeout at Tahoe Joes' (local steak house). I try to convey how what I am doing is experimental for me and it would be safest to stick with Tahoe's but she says no, lets eat what you got. So here I sit, listening to the rain. Yeah, the temp is up to 140! Guess I better get the broccoli on the stove, and the baked potatoes in. Maybe rib appetizers, with late night pastrami sandwich?

Life on the edge! It doesn't take much.

Thanks to all for the forum. It's great.

Wanna be a poster, not a lurker!


BTW - I did an office party thing for my wife's office last Friday - 65 people. My first time with the CS. Went great.
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Thanks wyomingboy

The ribs came out pretty good, but the pastrami came out awesome. I found, as others have mentioned in the forum that it was much better the next morning after resting in the fridge overnight. Only probem was the shrinkage, some from the smoking, and a bunch from the guy slicing it eating every other slice! Not sure if I did it right, but if I did - here is a picture


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