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I prefer the Stubbs liquid smoke but if you want real BBQ you should try the Lloyds brand of pulled pork available in fine supermarkets everywhere. All you do is heat it up in the microwave. You don't have to worry about "It's done when it's done" or "keep the door closed". You can have a real authentic BBQ in just seconds. It makes real nice BBQ for your first day of April Sunday dinner.
You know after all these years, I've got to admit now that there is a place for LS.

Stubbs is good but it has some "whang" to it that I don't like.

Lazy Kettle tastes like it was made in a Lazy Rusty Kettle.

For me, go with the Colgin. I'm using some today and think it will give you the best after taste, has a hint of hickory and I think Cherry.

Hey Dr B How 'yous 'doin?
Originally posted by frankiii:
To be clear, you guys are using liquid smoke in your smoker?

Mainly for those times when you can't get to the smoker, but I find if you use it as part of the rub, it helps the overall flavor "enhance".

Think how MSG enhances. LS hopes the regular smoke.
I am doing quite well, Smokin. How have you been? Are you out golfing yet this year?

I keep lurking here for valuable information, but just haven't posted for awhile. I am with the forum members in spirit however, and always appreciate the input by others.

Take care of yourself,

Dang! I was gone all day yesterday and didn't get in on the joke Frowner

I took some of my home made jerky to a potluck yesterday. One guy asked me if I used LS. I guess I scowled and snapped "NO" back rather quickly & said "that stuff will kill you!" One of the ladies who knew me rather well chimmed in and said "Forgive him, he's a purist!" Does that mean I am a BBQ snob? Confused

A belated Happy April Fools Day to all!

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