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I can't speak to the LHT or HHT settings as I don't own a PG1000. I would recommend a medium heat setting and splitting the tails, lengthwise. Brush with butter as you grill and turn them meat side up & down as you go. When the meat is opaque and rather firm to the tough, they're done. Take care not to overcook or the meat with become tough.

Sorry I missed your post the other day.
that's a pretty big lobster tail!!

for the ten ouncer's that we did last week

i split the belly side of the shell with kitchen shears,
pulled most of the meat out of the shell and coated with olive oil and minced garlic
then re-inserted back into the shell.

we then inserted a metal skewer starting at the telson through the meat to keep it from curling up.

set the pg500 to 450F (HHT 130).

brushed the belly side with melted butter/herb de provence/lemon juice/garlic
and grilled ~ 5 minutes.

don't place directly over the fire pot! the butter baste will cause large flames there!!

flipped over, brushed more butter/herb/garlic/lemon juice on belly side.
cooked about another 5 minutes.

moved to zone 3 while cooking the asparagus spears in zone 2.

note: the doors on the direct flame side were open during the whole cooking process.

since your tails are nearly double the weight of the 10 oz'ers, you might
need a longer period with some time in zone 2 to cook through.

the slightly charred bits were yummy! the interiors were perfectly cooked

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