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I have had 2 cooks this week in my 08. I used to shake my head when members said their butts took 18 to 20 hours when mine took 12. Well after 2 1/2 years with a cookshack the last 2 smokins took 19 hrs 40 min, & 20 hrs 10 min to reach 198 *, for 3 8 lb butts. I cook @ 225* & bumped up to 250* after 14 hrs. I measure the oven temp @ 14 hrs & the highest reading I had was 217. The door was not opened after start of cook. Is it possible the element looses its heat after a few years, or am I not cleaning around the T stat good enough. I dont use an ext cord, & voltage reading @ 08 is 119.7 V & 118.3 W/smoker on line. I have been using the same butts from BJ's all along, from smithfield packing.

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Your probe up against a bone or in a pocket of fat will alter your readings & time.

Remember too that no two butts are alike, even from the same critter.

Have you tested the temp inside your 008 to see if it's actually getting up to temp?

Tested the probe for 32˚ in ice and 212˚ in boiling water?

A few variables to test.

Good luck!
We hear about the long cook times in the AQ.

I've not had the opportunity to cook on one yet.

Has anyone just treated it like a cooker,without all the electronics?

Most cooks map out the racks in their cookers at different temp levels.

Different spots on each rack may vary 20 º.

Smokin'Okie has done some great ones on his cookers.

This way you know what your actual heat level is at that spot.

If someone does that and knows how to get their cooker to an average temp at that spot,say 235º,and just runs the cooker at that temp-until a Taylor remote probe says it should be done.

Does this get the cook times into a shorter range?

Just curious,as this is what I'd try.
Tom: I dropped a Maverick ET - 73 probe down the hole to the second rack from the top which is whereI usually use unless I am cooking more. Came up to within 2 degrees of the AQ temp reading. At 225*, it just tends to take around 20 hours for butts to hit that 195 internal temp. Doesn't bother me, just more time to hang around the AQ, pretend I am doing something and sip on something.
In reference to the original question, The butts were cooked to perfection @ 198 *. 20 hours rendered most of the fAt & the butts were great. I monitored the internal oven temp & it didn't get above 217*. I dont know if the butt was against the T-stat, but I dont think so. I understand the "there not done until their done " concept, but I just wondered if anyone has experienced longer cooks as the cookers aged.

I have had some pretty long cooks in my 008, but it is not so old, maybe 5 years. It will barely make 235* on a good day. OK by me. I think I have had some large single butt cooks that took the better part of 24 hours to reach 205*. It will do a little better with 3-4 smaller butts, more like 18 hours. Oh well.


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