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Smokin' ,as well as other forum members,have dined there,over the years.
Is this perfect,or what workin' folks go eat?

I'm not advertising,but a non commercial approach for a packer,is what Cookshack was designed to cook.IMHO


This gets us away from all the "comp cookin' tricks that everyone seems to dwell upon and back to good eatin'"

Brisket ,Louie Mueller

Just a couple of thoughts.
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Tom, did you happen to see the weekend edition of USA Today? The "LIFE" front page headline reads, "hot on the trail of some smokin' Texas barbecue."

The article mentions a number of the "older than dust" joints around Austin. Louis Mueller was one of 'em.

The following blurb was mentioned in the article from the owner/pitmaster of Taylor Cafe, "the key to a great brisket is to trim the fat off - but not all of it. Smoke it fat side up for about seven hours and don't ever turn it. Wrap it in butcher paper, put it in an ice chest and it'll be good and tender and juicy in the morning."

7 hrs???? He must be cookin hot n fast, eh?
Didn't see it,but have had the opportunity to make the tour of the old places.

Yep,hot and fast,and pull them a little early.

They don't mention the size/shape of the hunks of meat,and the fact that many TX diners still enjoy the wet/fatter pieces that we may not put in the turnin box.

As you know,when folks cook large volume,they have to learn to KISS.
Ya got to take the time for a day trip.The branches in Austin,are family....but.

If Smokin' can pull them up,Woodburner,from up in your neck o' the woods,did a great tour across the "Deep South",Memphis,and the old South TX tour.

I believe it was tied in with a Harley? tour,lots of pix and some videos.He is also a good cook and doing restaurant business,maybe upstate NY.Gives a cook's perspective,rather than a tourist's.

Smokin'can do it,if anyone can.It has been followed closely by Basso's forum,but I didn't have much luck.

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