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I'm one of those persons referred to as a "Lurker". For several months I have absorbed, searched,and read through hours of various posts to learn how to use my CS025 smoker.
I have been successful through this forum to learn to make some delicious BBQ and appreciate many folks that are dedicated to helping "newbies" like me to become a reasonable cooker. I read with eager anticipation posts from all that make this an enjoyable pastime.
Smokin Oakie's how to 101s, Maxxq, Tom, Cal and Pags are just a few of the ones I enjoy and appreciate. Other post from many gives me the opportunity to pickup techniques and tips that help me through smoking. Of course Cookshack has been instrumental in helping me to achieve my goal. I was very fortunate to have been introduced to Cookshack by a friend . I am lucky to have purchased the right smoker.
I felt that I had to express my profound thanks to the members of this forum that contribute so much in their service to others.
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It's nice to hear from ya Sinkerbob. It seems that we hear more from the folks that over think cooking with the CS. They just don't go smoke something so they have soooo many questions...but I, like you, have done the reading,smoking and have found that the CS's can make a fine meal without much trouble.

It has been truely helpful by having some of our experienced members help out and give us Newbies a helping hand when needed. They won't tell ALL their smoking ways, but are more than happy to help others out when someone is struggling.

As Pags has said before,"we help each other and learn from each other." It sure is nice to have Smokin' around when things get hard to understand, he must have seen it all on the forum? He just seems to understand what us Newbies struggle with and how to TEACH.

Now that you're out of the shadows, feel free to give back what you have experienced!
I figure that I am still considered a lurker. I have had my smokette for several years now, and haven't made a post in several years. However now I know how to do things the right way, at least the way I like. I figure as long as you like it and those that eat your stuff like it is the right way. And everyone has their own right way, that's what makes it barbeque.

I will admit that I would never be where I am now without this forum, I agree with you Sinkerbob, these pros that do so much posting deserve alot of well earned credit. Just keep what your doing and will always learn mainly by trial and error, even the errors are rarely bad. You can always come back to the forum for some new ideas or just some refresher course. I also know that I am not a great writer so can't compete with these guys. Besides any advise I give would only be a lot of repeat.
Well.. yes it does feel good to come out of the "lurking shadows" and to hopefully share some of the things I have gleaned from this forum. My experience on this forum is the willingness of other smokers to share information which help us all to be better smokers.
The tips I have gleaned should be posted in another area I think,but they are the usual mantra of "its done when its done","Don't open the door". Etc., which are hallmark traits for newbies to learn. "Good Q is what you make it." "Its not all the same,but a process that makes it special to others and to you."
Lets smoke some more!

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