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Once you arrive at method of smoking that you feel is perfect for your taste you want to be able to "do it right" every time. Take good notes, and get yourself a digital scale.

Knowing you can replicate your product each and every time is reassuring when feeding company.

The uses for a digital scale are many and varied.

I have had digital scales for about 20 years now and wouldn't be without one.
To be a little bit of a contrarian,I'll toss in another viewpoint.

The fine ,experienced cooks above have multiple and varied uses for their scales.

Smokin' often asks "what is your specific use" as this may establish your need.

As mentioned,there is large variation in wood.Age,type,cooker.

My co-cook is a baker and a mathematician and has a need for exact replication.

I am more of a gumbo type cook.

Each takes a different approach ,but turns out a fine product.

If your cooker is a small,conventional Cookshack that is often used to cook a couple 8 lb pork butts,or a larger Cookshack 260,you might be well served with an under $5 approximate scale.

If you do wet chemical compositions,or exact dry weight combinations,you might be better served with a multiple hundred dollar weight/volume piece of equipment.

Just a couple of thoughts.
The most valued basic tools in my kitchen are,
Sharp knives, a high quality instant read thermometer and a digital scale.

You will find that different woods will weigh differently according to moisture and mineral content. Woods of the same type can weigh differently depending on their origin.

To me the advantage of having a scale is I can adjust up or down according to weight whether it be chunks, chips, pellets or sawdust.
Gosh darn it, this isn't rocket science!

It is all reality to ones taste...I figure a golf ball size piece of wood is one oz. Experience has taught me that 4 one oz pieces of wood will produce more smoke but burn up quicker than one 4 oz piece of wood.

So as Smokin' would say one needs to keep good notes on all his cooks and what smoke profile he likes.
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