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If you use washers I would not use any that was galvanized. I would think you could make some good markers out of the disposable aluminum baking pans or pie pans. You can cut them with a pair of scissors, and you could mark them with a sharp object like an ice pick ur something like that.
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I copied and pasted the following from the
Michigan State University Extension

Galvanizing is the process of electrolytically coating
iron metal with zinc, which protects the iron from rusting.
Zinc is one of several heavy metals which can be toxic if
consumed in large quantities. When acid foods (fruit
juices, tomatoes, pickles) are placed in galvanized utensils
of when meats or vegetables are cooked in galvanized
containers, toxic amounts of zinc can brought into solution.
Numerous reports of zinc poisoning can be found in the
public health and medical literature, and essentially all of
them relate the illness to the type of utensils used in food
preservation. Symptoms of zinc toxicity are fever, nausea,
vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhea in three to twelve
hours following ingestion.

Galvanized utensils (some types of old refrigerator
shelves for outdoor grilling, galvanized trash cans for
quantity cooking, etc.) should never be used for food
preparation or preservation.
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I draw a diagram of the placement inside the smoker. You know, top shelf left is my own rub, right is CS rub. Second shelf cayenne. Long things get the idea. Too easy?

But I really do 'set it and forget it' And never open the door until my remote thermometer goes off, and even at that I don't hurry, I mosey over to the smoker.

I don't spritz, I don't rotate, I don't switch shelves, nothin' I put it all in the 'smoke god's' hands and dutifully eat what comes out!

Once you cook it and plate it your pride in accomplishment reminds you what's what.

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