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MAde my famous Lake-House BBQ smoked beans for our annual office party and they were a big hit. Red, Hot and Blue catered the meat, which was very dry. I almost couldn't choke down the pulled chicken...There is no doubt I can and have made better Que.....

Decided to bring some meatballs in a sauce to the party.. Picked up a bag (92 count) Mama Luci's Italian cocktail balls. Thawd in a skillet w/ some EVOO and butter, covered. While adding 16 ounces of KRAFT BBQ sauce to a crockpot, then add 14 ounces of GRAPE Jam and one heaping tablespoon of Dijon mustard. Heat and stir to mix, then add thawed meatballs. Make this a day ahead and store in fridge, then re-heat on high to bring up temp fast.

This makes an excellent appetizer for a party...Everyone liked them and asked for the recipe. ..

I could have added some minced onion and garlic.

I wouldn't use any other BBQ sauce, it may be too sweet depending on the brand.....

Merry Christmas!!!

NOTE: (using jelly may make this too watery, also any flavor of Jam could be used!!!)

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Sorry SmokinOkie (head hanging down in shame)....I was considering thawing my meatballs out in the smoker, but thought it may be too many items smoked for the party.....Thought if someone wanted to try an easy quick recipe for the Holidays!!

At least I didn't bring up the S.R. or L.S.....Aaaaahhh!!!! he he

Hope you're not covered in ICE over there!!!!

Have a safe holiday!!!


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