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Hello to everyone,
Long before this forum changed formats, we had many  members who, for reasons known to them, ceased participating. Active for a few months or years,
a lack of interest or natural causes set in and they disappeared over time.  Maybe many of them still visit but just do not log in.  When formats changed, all members were transferred to the new forum and quite a few followed and chimed in and still contribute.  We currently have nearly 18,000 members (the limit), which is the member population quota allowed for the forum. Many  of these members have been with the forum since its inception.  

A total 10,608 registered members have not logged in since 2015. In order to comply with the forum member limit, a decision has been made to delete all non-active members. If you are one of the 10,608 who have not logged in since 2015, and want to remain a member, please log in to maintain your presence.  If you know a former member who is not participating, invite them back.

On 1 November 2023, any/all member/s who have not logged in since 2015 will be deleted.   I can assure all that I do not have or maintain a list of all members.  

Stuart Powell and the Cookshack Team will continue to support all members of this forum and owners of their equipment regardless of forum status.
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