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Take a redfish (snapper works to) filet them on the half shell (leave the scales and skin on one side)
Put in a zip bag with zesty Italian Dressing and marinade for an hour.
Remove and put on a sheet of foil.
Sprinkle with far East Texas spices (cajun)
Slice an onion and make rings out of them
Place onion rings on top of the Fish depending on your preference.
Inside of the onion circles put a Jalapeno
Cover the top with more dressing
Put in Smokette at 250 for approx 45 min 1 hour. time vary per fish.
The fish should be flakey with a fork when done.
It will cook the skin into a bowl and hold all of the juices the meat will seperate from the skin .
Serve with the skin and all,a Baked Potato and Salad,& a Cooooold Beer !!!!!
welcome Spring
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