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I was wondering if any of you have used your FE-100's for a Memphis in May event?

Our team, the Porkitects, got our start into the BBQ competition circuit at an anual MIM event in Washington DC about 8 years ago, though most recently have been competing in only KCBS events.

It might be fun to show up with an FE and only cook ribs or shoulder. I don't think it would be possible to cook both, as we have done in the past on larger smokers.
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Sure you could cook both the shoulder and ribs. Start your shoulders as usual, probably about 225 and then crank up the heat to 275 at a time that will allow the heat to come up and the ribs will have enough time to cook which would probably be about 10 or 15 minutes to get to 275 from 225 plus about another 3 hours for the ribs to finish.

I have posted many times on this forum how Eddy cooks butts, brisket, and ribs during what appears to be for competetions. Seems like I just posted the instructions today or yesterday somewhere in this FE/CS forum. If you can't find it let me know and I'll gladly copy and paste it again, that is if you're interested.
Capt Pete,
The problem is the amount of meat you have to cook at MIM vs.KCBS. 5 shoulders and 5 racks minimum. With one cooker you cook the shoulders and put them to bed with enough time to cook ribs. Then you put the ribs to bed and the shoulders go back on the cooker for judging, After shoulder judging, the ribs go back on the cooker for judging. You need at least two FE's.
Exactly Fred,

We cook 6 full shoulders, one for blind judging, three for on site judging and two for finals.

With ribs, we would normally cook 12 racks, staggard the cooking times so you have plenty options to choose from.

We had been using a 6' long JR smoker (log burner) during the past several years.

What about using both? Take your old JR and bring the FE?

Good to hear from you. I've stopped by your booth in the past, but never really talked much. There is a good chance for a CS team this year, just have to wait for the drawing on March 8th. Shhhh, keep it quite, we didn't want to tell everyone yet, so if you see this you lurkers Wink don't ask until we know, then we'll post in the forum.

Also, don't know if you have them yet, but CS has some rib racks, and you can fit about 10 slabs in one rack (although their tight and don't know that I'd do my competition ones that close together).

More to talk about soon.

Unfortunately, we sold our JR rig and trailer. It was just too big. Too big to haul, too big to store and in need of some serious work. It will be sorely missed this year.

We are scaling back our competition schedule drastically this year.

Do the old FE's cook the same as the new ones? Are they interchangable in techique? We compete against another FE (old version) in some KCBS contests. I could possibly persuade them to lend their smoker for a MIM event.
We plan to use both the FE and our Klose mobile in competitions. In the past we have used WSM's for the brisket and butts doing overnighters. It seemed a no-brainer to switch to the FE for the overnight part. Probably use the Klose for chicken and ribs. On the other hand, once we get the FE figured out hauling a FE to Imperial Beach would be lots easier than hauling a 30 x 8 Klose.
Time and practice will tell.

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