Hello all, I am new to the forum and I am sure this has been asked on here but I can't find anything. What is the minimum temp you need to acheive smoke? I am using the Amerique. I would aprreciate any help.
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I've set mine (AQ) at 195 and gotten good smoke. I think it may depend on how close the heating element is to the bottom of the wood box. I recently read something about bending the element to get it closer to the wood box.

Good luck.

Welcome to the forum. We'll help out, so you did the right thing to come to us and ask first.

You actually posted the same question twice. No worries, you really don't need to. All new posts show up on the main page.

I moved you post to the "ham" forum because it was more about ham and smoke, so we could ask more details.

I'll delete this duplicate shortly.

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