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I've just been made aware that when CS launched the new commercial site, the photos in the forum are no longer available.

IF you see links missing, please email them to me at my email (not via IM) my email is in my profile if you don't have it.

I wasn't aware of the change/impact but I'm working on it with Cookshack.

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Originally posted by MaxQ:
I'm with you TF, it's basically a re-do of the old site, which in my opinion has a very dated appearance and is somewhat difficult to navigate. The average surfer has a 10-15 second attention span. Cookshack would be well served by a major face lift of their website.
Looks like took the generic template that came with the CMS that they are using. Even my websites look better, which ain't saying much.
Originally posted by SmokinOkie:

Since CS doesn't monitor this site...

I find that puzzling. They underwrite the cost of the Social Strata software and server bandwidth. One would think they'd at least take a peak at "Why Buy A Cookshack" section now and again to better gauge their' marketing and potential customer demographics.
Thank you all for being honest about your ideas and thoughts about our website. Just a little history and why it is not much different...Our old website did not allow for every item we sell, to be placed in your shopping cart for you to purchase on-line. Therefore if you started up your smoker at 7:00 p.m. on Friday night and realized you needed a replacement part you would have to wait until Monday at 8:00 a.m. to call us. Now you could select the item, and it can be shipped out Monday morning to decrease your down time.
As far as the form pictures, I apologize for the problems it may have caused you. The forum has been up for a number of years and I was not aware that it was not self hosting site. I thought is was like a facebook page, twitter account, etc. and updating the website would not affect it. We are working to get all of those images back up and going forward we will check into other options, so web changes will not hinder the forum. Thank you for your input and you are always welcome to call me at 1-800-423-0698

We are working out the kinks of the site this week and crossing our fingers that next week goes a little smoother.
Originally posted by PorkPie:
I find that puzzling.

I don't. Cookshack must think that deniability is a very useful tool. If you say that you didn't see something, then for you, it doesn't exist.

I'd have to disagree with your hypothesis to some degree. I doubt Cookshack management intentionally evades the forums, and certainly not for the purpose you suggest. As with any other small American enterprise, resources (staff) are limited and priorities must be adhered to.

I didn't mean to suggest that CS should read every post.

Actually, I'm withdrawing my original comment altogether. Having re-read Smokin's comment again, I think the point he was trying to make was a way for forum members to be proactive with suggestions, i.e. contacting Becky directly.

Hopefully I'll get my foot outta my mouth by the time Thanksgiving rolls around Smiler

Welcome Becky. Good luck with your new job!
Thank you Becky for the update on the new web site.

I hate to say this, but to get to the forum is a royal pain. You should not have to go the the Cookshack site, click on forum and then click on forum again! To me it is like asking,"do you really want to go to the forum"!!

Anyway, thanks for your work, and good luck to you!

Ya'll do have fantastic producst that we all love.
I'd have to disagree
I didn't mean to suggest

Easy there MaxQ, there's nothing to fear but fear itself.
As I just said to Smokin in a private message, there is absolutely no business reason to NOT monitor the very website that the company provides if not for deniability.

As for calling Cookshack a small American enterprise, I bet we'd all be surprised what their yearly gross would be in total, and more power to them.
If something looks like a duck and walks like a duck....we all know the rest.

Now, back to BBQ!
Anytime you get to an internet site that you think you'll revisit, bookmark that site. I've posted the sign in page to my Favorites. One click to the sign in page, and one click to enter my sign in and password (computer saved). It's easy. Takes a few seconds to get to the forum.

Just a thought. Cookshack obviously reviews this site to make sure things are going well and maybe for marketing ideas, but it's not constant. If someone has a problem, it makes sense for them to contact Cookshack directly to resolve their issue allowing Cookshack to personally guarantee your satisfaction. Let's also be a little logical here. If I were Cookshack, I'd want to resolve a problem directly with a customer and not broadcast it for all to see. Just my opinion.
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