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Good Day to all, been making sausage for a few months now. My organization has given me to go ahead to order equipment for me to make larger amounts. Currently using cabelas 1/2 hp grinder/stuffer at home. My budget is $2Grand.
They want bout 300-500lbs a month for members and cooks. Need advise, been looking at TORREY, LEM and CABELAS. We need grinder, stuffer and meat mixer. Comments, ideas, advise appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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I have an LEM 1 HP grinder (LEM uses Leonardi grinders). No complaints with it, although I only use it to grind 25 lbs. or so of venison or pork butt at a time. My volume doesn't compare to yours. It takes me a heck of a lot longer to chop the meat into chunks than to grind it. It can spit out ground pork like nobody's business. I hear that the larger Cabela's grinders (like LEM they also use an italian made grinder, Facem) work well also.

I also have an LEM 5 lb. Vertical Stuffer, you may want a larger 15lb. model. My LEM stuffer works great, it has metal gears, which was a selling point for me. I have an LEM 25 lb mixer, also, although I have only used it a few times so far. The mixer worked fine for me, and made sausage making a lot less labor intensive.

Both Cabela's and LEM are great to deal with. Good luck.
Good Day to all, Thanks for your help. I got the 15 lbs vertical stuffer from LEM. It built like a TANK! I put bout 28lbs of meat thru it, it was smooth a cuttin butter. This baby stuff it boys and girls. I did the 1st batch alone to get the hang of things and the 2nd load my son held the casings and almost cud not keep them on the table when i started showing off winding the handle fast. Was impressed with what was left in the bottom of the tank at the end (Only enuff meat to make 1 little patties to fry up).
Easy to clean also, worth the $$$. Next up the Lem mixer (has 4 padles i think) vice the others.

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