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I like to stuff mushrooms with sausage and bake in the oven. I tried these in the smoker the other day and they came out pretty good, different flavor than the oven

I took Crimini Mushrooms 1.5-2" Dia. took out the stems and then took loose sausage and added some onion a few bread crumbs and extra seasoning and made little meatball things and stuffed into the upside down mushrooms.

I put them in my 008 at 250 unfortunatly I lost track of time i think they were in for a little over 2 hours, which was to long.

I think next time a little diced jalapeno in them, and maybe pay attention to the time more, I would also fire up the grill or oven to high and put them in for a while to crisp up the sausage.
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Hey Dave,

I did something very close for a comp. I used smaller protablelloes and cooked the sausage then added graded cheese and bread crumbs and onions and italian seasonings. Coated the mushroom with olive oil then moked at 275 for 40 min.
With the filling precooked the mushroom was perfect.

We didn't win but it still ate pretty well.


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