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Great going pauly. What did you do for a finishing sauce? Vinegar? Red sauce? MAn, tell me....

WOW, 19hours. I want to do a butt this weekend. I got my smokette on Monday and have had it going non stop. Did jerkey with the provided spices sonce I had no time and just wanted to smok anything. I used flank steak. MAn, I loved it. I did ribs, fish, potatos.

I saw a nice smok ring. Since it didn't come from the wook, my guess is that there was something in the brine....

I am going to try the coal(kingsford) in the bin next time like I read in the forum...
Congrats paully, on the first run.

Don't worry be happy. Wink

It sounds like you took great notes and this is a good thing.

It's goin' to pay off later.

Now that this is fresh in your mind,maybe a comparison would be fun.

Maybe take that same butt and trim any excess fat cap.

Coat it heavy with whatever rub they sent you,and add a little brown sugar -several hours before the pit is ready.

No, don't coat it with mustard,mayo,tang, or pickle juice.

Check your polders for accuracy.

When you get ready to put it in the pit,coat it with rub and sugar again,heavy.

Stick about four ounces of whatever you like in the wood box.

Stick it on the center rack,insert probe without touching bone or a big fat pocket,close up,set at 225� and take the sensing unit in the house and put in a drawer.

Go to bed,town,work,etc.

In about 11-12 hours get the sensing unit out of the drawer and hook it up.

When it reads about 195� ,open the door and jiggle the bone.

If it moves easy and the butt has started to collapse on itself,remove it, double foil it, and let it rest in a dry cooler at least an hour.

When you pull it,sprinkle a little of Smokin's Carolina vinegar sauce on it- as you work.

Add a little of your rub or kosher salt to the finished product,if it needs it.

Compare this to your first effort and you should get a pretty good gauge as to what temps you might want,brining you need,attention you need to give,etc.

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