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All- I am happy to announce that i just made my first purchase- Fathers Day treat SM050, Thanks for the discount CS!! Like everyone here...i'll be waiting like its christmas eve Big Grin.
Thank you to all that have posted before me...i have spent at least 4 months "lurking" on this forum, doing my research and cannot thank you enough. SM50 owners have made it real easy for me! And i plan to use the other links for us noobee's.
So now i'll sign off and play the waiting game...


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Welcome Neil and congrats on the new cooker

While you are awaiting delivery be sure to read and reread the "lessons for new users" section.

On my first three cooks I reviewed that section and things went flawlessly, but on the fourth cook (I think)I said to myself that I didn't need to read that stuff again Well,I forgot to poke a hole in the foil at the bottom of the cooker.

I won't go into the grizzly details here, but it was NOT pretty.

Anyway.....congrats again and enjoy the new cooker.
Neil -- Welcome to the forum and congrats on your purchase. Make sure your neighbors know how difficult you work to get the Q done. Dab a little grease on your nose and elbows. Singe a little hair on your arm, if not, you'll be cooking for the whole neighborhood.

Sis-in-law? Naa, but I was cooking for 15 from church this Sunday which has now grown to 25. Word gets around quick! Big Grin
I apologize for not keeping you guys and gals up to date on my recent purchase...seasoned for 6 hours...rubbed 7lb butt w/Jim Tabb's pig powder-BTW..good stuff!Next morning 7am...fired it up w 2oz apple and 2oz hickory-measured exactly.Turned knob to 225. used dual polder...turned to Mexican TV and watched World Cup, had a few C-ronas to start the festivities! Did notice the infamous plateau at 2pm-172degrees but said to self- SELF! be patient! 5pm- temp 190..removed, foiled left in cooler for 1 laws showed up at 6pm-How did that happen? Hand pulled and served with cheap white bun bread and "Vaunted Vinegar" from smoke and spice.
The verdict from the family was WOW!!! I am very happy w/the overall product unfortunetly i dont have pics...but the next batch will have pics. One small concern- butt was not "smokey" as i would have liked it. Do any of you use more than 4oz? Or was it due to the fact that i had used a mix of apple?
4 oz. will be way more noticeable next time. You have to get a good buildup of smoke in the smoker. I don't even need to use any wood anymore to get smoke flavor on meat, but I do to keep it seasoned good for the next cook. You will see. You will need less and less wood the more you use it, as long as you do not scrub it out.

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