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Tonight I'm running my first smoke in the new Smokette, just a couple fatties. My last smoker was a clone of a Banderra that required attention every couple hours and took at least an hour to come to temp. I can't stop checking my temp! I constantly find myself at the window looking out at the thermometer.


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Relax, you will soon break into the laid back Cookshack mode of cookin great q without all of the stress! Congrats.

I know from experience, past cookers are Primo Oval Xl, WSM, Good One Marshall, Traeger 120, and a few others.

Currently cooking on CSPG1000, CS055, CS066 AmeriQ, FE120 and a CS Charbroiler 36. I know a lot of different cookers, just a fun hobby learning to cook well with all of them.

PS. They are spread out through a couple of zip codes. Really happy with them all.

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Congratulations and welcome to the forum.
You're going to love how easy it is to get fantastic q from your Cookshack. As BD said, relax, practice, keep good notes.

The forum is a great place for all kinds of information - be sure to visit Smokin Okies 101's. I've found them to be an excellent source of information.

Remember- the "search button" is your friend-
a plethora of knowledge stored in the forum archives.

Welcome aboard.
Today I cooked a full pork loin cut into three pieces to make it fit. Removed them at 190 and let rest. Noticed the meat was a little dry when pulling it. Added apple juice and some rub, covered with foil and slid the dish back into the Smokette at 150. I'm diggin' this!
The Mizzou game starts at 6:45 so we will be eating soon.
Pork loin's are pretty lean, cooking it to 190* will most assuredly produce a dry product. Pork shoulders or butts have more intramuscle fat, and we most often smoke them to 195*+ in order to pull them and still wind up with a moist end product. But the loins shouldn't be cooked to the same high temperatures...I don't cook mine over 150*.

Brining will add moisture to your pork loin and produce a loin with moisture and nice flavoring. Next time, try brining the pork loin (check out Smokin's Brining 101), then smoke them till an internal of no more than 145*. You may want to go a little higher for those that don't like pink in their pork. It won't pull but will slice up nice for you. You can also find some interesting pork loin brining recipes on the internet.
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