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Last week, due to a catastrophic freezer failure, I had to do up a bunch of brisket in a hurry, or lose it to spoilage.

I did my usual: olive oil rub, season, rest in cooler overnight, then smoke at 224 until 200 IT.

Things went relatively well, except that, when cutting the flats, the meat just fell apart- no slices, more like chopped in the end. At the party I took some of this to, it was still well received as sandwich chop, the moisture was still there, nice bark (actually the best bark I've had thus far), but the lack of slices makes me wonder if I did something wrong....

Please advise.
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Cal nailed it.

Over/undercooked briskets are often discussed in this forum. The culprit is relying on temp vs testing for tender as a means of determining doneness. My guess is that your brisket was ready around the 190/192 mark.

Best bet is to use a fork, probe or skewer at the 190 IT mark. Slide it thru the middle, top to bottom. You're looking for little to no resistance.
All points well taken. These were very thin for points too, which probably contributed to the over cooking. I guess I was relying on a comment from another BBQ board, the moderator of which expounds the virtues of "203 degrees," the point "where magic takes place.' It sure did..... bad mojo....

Here on out, it's 190-195 MAX after rest....

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