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The office ordered lunch out last Fri from Famous Dave's. Now I don't expect too much from them. Their ribs are always either way overdone or underdone--never just right.

But the brisket; it looked like it was cooked well and to the right temp. But it tasted like it was cooked in an oven, then basted with liquid smoke. Either that or smoked after it was sliced with dirty smoke. The smoke taste was acrid. In short, it tasted like crap.

It's unbelievable what non-CS owners are willing to put up with. Guess they don't know any better.
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I've only eaten brisket in a restaurant once (a local place that is now out of business) and it was ok. The Mrs. liked it and thought we ought to give it a try in the SmokinTex (Oops! Eeker ). What we turned out, in our opinion, was better than the commercial Q. I think adding a little of your own flavor and ingenuity along with TLC goes along way. And it's ok to be biased toward your own products Big Grin

"That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!"
Nah, biggots is a bad word.

We're Q'in snobs!

Try this.

Next time you go to a chain, go back and see what they cook on. It's always fun to see if it's a Oiler, or a Southern Pride or a Old Hickory or even a CS.

Sometimes it's not the cooker, but the cook.

Many chains just don't train their employees what to do. Just ask them what kind of smoker and you'll see the "deer in the headlight look".


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