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Hello, I'm planning on smoking a 10 or so pound of brisket this comming Saturday. I have smoked many things in my stnd-up Brinkman Smoke 'N Grille, but have yet to smoke something this large. My question is, about how long per pound should I be prepared to smoke, how often to turn brisket and if I should keep briket moist by spraying any liquid on it during the cook time. Thanks!
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Well now,I hope you aren't cooking them together.

If you give us an idea about how hot you run your cooker,at a consistent temp,we could help a little more.

What cut,grade,type of brisket are you considering.

How do you plan to serve the sirloin tip.

My teammate, Ribdog, did briskets and a sirloin tip this weekend,so he might chime in.
I cooked a 7.7 lb. sirloin tip roast yesterday and it came out great. I cooked it at 350* in my FEC100 and it took just over two hours to hit my internal temp of 130. It was a little bit further done than I like so I will take it out next time at 120-125 for a rare to medium rare roast.

But I would not cook the brisket that high. I know some cooks use high temps but I learned to cook it low and slow. I started small packer and a medium flat last Thursday at 150-160 for about four hours. Then I bumped it to 230 and let the briskets run until the flat hit 180 when I wrapped them to finish them up to 192. They came out nice and tender.

Don't know if this helps much but you got two different types of meat and need to be treated as such.
122* is the number for me on sirloin tip roasts. Also, don't know if this is heresy, but I start them 10-12 minutes in conventional oven at 450* to get a good crust going. More heresy, I use very little wood and CS them pretty low temps 200-225. That way the whole inside is about the same color rather than overdone outside surrounding a raw interior. Just my dos centavos.

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