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Hope all of you had a Merry Christmas!
I am always passing by the "Hillshire" type sausages in my Grocer's meat dept. as well as those Summer Sausage displays.
Does anyone have a favorite recipe for the "store bought" type sausages available out there...i also love those Brats, and Polish sausages that are found in the Pork section.
Keep in mind that I am not a sausage maker ,any sausage I buy is from the store or the butcher...(although I do have an LEM catalog on its way)

as always I appreciate the help and the recipes.

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Moved this to the Open Forum since it seemed this would probably be a discussion about Sausage. Hopefully you'll get some feedback.

Did you do a search for Sausage in the Forum. Did a search and found over 117 replies, some will be of help.

Also, a couple of links to check out:

Northwest Sausage

The Sausage Maker (at this site, check out the link to a book "Great Sausage Recipes and Meat Curing" it's probably THE reference book for Sausage making.

Smokin is right, The book from the Sausage Maker is the ticket. Some refer to it as the "Sausage Bible". I use LEM Summer Sausage or Trail Bologna mix and 100% pure protein venison. Makes the best sausage I have ever had,hands down. The people at LEM are very kind and their products are very reasonable. The sausage maker is more thorough but I have found them a little pricy. Also try Allied Kenco. Just got a catalog last week and is where I learned about the CS smoker. Prices seem fair and the catalog is huge!!. Hope this helps and I am not affiliated in any way to these companies, Just love Deer sausage!!!
thanks for your help Smokin.
I fought over the idea of which forum to post my question in....ha ha....sorry you have to keep moving things around for us newbies.. I'll try to get the hang of it soon.
Also thanks for the links ...going to check them out immediately.

did a search as Smokin suggested and found exactly what I thought. It seems that there are unlimited angles to take on the art of Sausage preperation and cooking. (and believe me..I can't wait to dive in to this head first)
Of course, as always I will give it alot of research and you gentelmen have given me some great sites to check out.
in the meantime...what I wanted to find out is if anyone has some input on smoking the "Store bought" stuff....what I mean is the Summer Sausage that is always on display this time of well as the polish sausage and bratwurst that are still raw and in the meat section of the supermarket....
I know basically that there is always an internal temp that you want to shoot for when it comes to what type of meat you are preparing..but what about...
1. wood selection
2. hanging as opposed to laying on grate
3. any type of rub or marinade to be applied although there is usually a casing

Keep in mind...I'm still just buying my sausage at the store and not making it at home.

Thanks again

Thanks for the link!! That is a great amount of info....and your sausage page gave me alot of usefull info as well. Cant wait to start.
One question though......After you have made you Summer Sausage and its seasoned and formed into long do you cook it for?...Do you just shoot for the basic internal temp for pork/beef?
Just wondering what your personal prefrence is....
Thanks again for the help and Happy New Year

If you're willing to do a bit more work, you could try a recipe I've been working on. It tastes more or less like Johnsonville or Hillshire Farms all-beef summer sausage, maybe a bit leaner.

By no means as easy as Stogie's method, but a bit more like what you buy in the store. I use a KitchenAid mixer grinder attachment with sausage stuffer tubes. Most little grinders now seem to come with everything you need.

I bought my casings and chemicals from Con Yeager Spice Company. They were very helpful and delivered fast. The other places mentioned above, LEM, Sausage Maker, and Allied Kenco, also carry what you'd need.

I've got a lot to learn about sausage making, but as usual I was amazed at the ease of the smoking process.

I like AC Legg Sausage Seasoning.  I used to use Hi Mountain and discovered they are supplied by Excalibur Seasonings, so I now go thru them to get what I used to from Hi Mountain. is a wonderful site with a lot of great seasonings.  They do not have AC Legg seasonings.  I get them at  I love their #10 breakfast sausage seasonings and, now that you mentioned it, always keep a 24-bag case of their #105 Smoked Sausage Seasoning on hand.  I use Excalibur mainly for their snack stick and jerky mixes and again, Walton's is a great place for spices.

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