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Congrats on your purchase!

A butt should not have any skin on it. If it's wearing a hide you probably have a pork shoulder. Personally, I would remove it but that's just me. Some do, some don't.

On this first smoke, keep it simple.

Learn your smoker & how it acts & reacts.

Make sure to read the 101s

Might to a search (Find) on shoulder.

Good luck & let us know how it goes.
The butt is part of the shoulder, as is the picnic. The picnic is kind of round, with a smaller diameter at one end than the other. It has a round bone sticking out of one end. he butt is usually almost square and has a flat bone sticking out of the end. These are usually sokd skinless.
The picnic is the shoulder of a pig, and has skin when it is in it's unbutchered state. I suggest removing the skin since it will hold in way too much fat and you will not get any smoke penetration.

The second part of this is that the picnic/shoulder has two parts, the lower part is the shank and has the lower leg bone. The upper part is called the butt, and has the flat bone. It's the best cut, in my opinion...

I remove all surface fat, season with the rub of choice then smoke with hickory/oak until internal temp of 195. Voila! Magic.

Hope this helps

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