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I got the new controller tonight for my brand new Amerique that quit working an hour into seasoning. Installed with no problems. Started it with a temp of 200 and made sure the wood box was seated. I came back 2 hours later 80 degrees. I opened it up no heat. Time is working and temp is accurate i put the probe inside to check it's bouncing between 79/80.
I'm pretty fed up with being the 1 out of 1000 on these highly regarded Cookshacks. All connections from what a consumer should need to explore are tight. I'm not going to tear into the insulation.
Any chance they'll provide a technician to get this rascal working?

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I'm not an electrician. But I'd bet there are a number of these smokers plugged into regular outlets, lot of older homes out there. My old water smoker tripped my GFCI all the time in my other home so I plugged it into a regular outlet. There are still circuit breakers.

Are you sure your GFCI outlet is working properly? Call Cookshack again.
To make sure the GFCI outlet isn't the problem, plug it in somewhere else. When problem solving, you have to knock out the problems one by one. Try power, it could be that if the electronics have been replaced in the AQ.

Keep dealing with CS. If it's that bad and it doesn't work, maybe they'll just replace the whole unit.

Honestly, in over 10 years of the forum, I'd say this hasn't happened even 10 times.

It's unfortunately when it's you, but call them direct to resolve it, they don't regularly monitor the forum.
I also have plugged in to another regular outlet since my last post. Same results/ 79/80 degrees nothing from heat source.

It should be easy enough to plug in and it cooks and I know from reading this forum that is normally the case, I guess I'm Murphy.
I've left a customer service message with CS.
I'll give them time to get some coffee and call.

I can't wait to cook on this contraption.

Exactly, they have been as nice and helpful and even mentioned they know I spent alot of money and understood my frustration.
Now, I need to get over my fear of plugging in electric smokers.
If this next one has problems, Personally I'm moving on.
I have quite a few of your recipes save SmokinOkie and have big plans once I get a good unit.

Thanks for the reply,

"Keep dancing until it rains"

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