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So, got a new grill from FE, it's came out this year, but I just got mine.

For the Wife's Birthday I've been playing with it for Grilled Pizza and they were awesome.

First the grill. it rained overnight so it's dirty looking. Waiting for a cover, they're still be manufactured.

This grill can get hot. I set it at the max temp on the grill, 600 and here's the thermometer.

Now what good is a new grill without being an excuse for new toys, this one from Thermoworks:

Here it is, showing the temp of the Pizza Stone, you can see that's the stone I'm pointing at. What's nice is the stone fits on the "indirect" side and you can see that stone itself got hot. I wanted the stone at 450 for pizza. With the insulated lid, it did a great job on Pizza, just fabulous. No pictures of that, was too busy cooking and eating.

Also did some ABT's for the wife since it's her B/D.

Overall, I love having the pellets in a grill option now, really like the flavor. Most everyone commented about the flavor without even knowing about the change in grill (they don't ask, they just let me do the cooking). Holds temp really well, although when you're cooking this hot, it puts out a lot of ash trying to get up to temp, but once it's at temp, you don't see it.

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Originally posted by raincreek:
Is this grill now available at retail? I'm having a hard time finding it on the website? Got a link?

Actually CS doesn't sell them, Danson's does.

If you go to FE's site the info is there:

Fast Eddy Pellet Cooker

Originally posted by Charcoal Loungers:
Will Fast Eddy have any of these at the class in December?...may have to bring a pickup.

CS doesn't sell them direct, see the link above. but you can call FE or CS and maybe they'll have some info.
I have been looking at purchasing this pellet grill from FE. I really like the operation features of my FEC100 as far as ease of use and cleaning. In using your grill what have you seen as the pro's and con's with this grill. My only hesitation to purchasing this grill is that I have not heard anyone that used one on a day to day basis. Thanks for your reply.


Are you wanting a grill or a smoker?

Hands down for a smoker, go with an FE.

For grilling, I love it, given is uses pellets, that's a big plus. Mrs. Smokin' notice the improved flavor over the gas grill.

I can go out, turn it on and it comes up to temp very fast.

My only concerns would be a couple of questions about "fit" and that some screws have already rust and mine has a little problem with the power coat.

Any specific questions?
I originally thought I wanted it for grilling, but I thought about maybe using it in competitions for chicken and maybe for ribsdepending on the size of the off heat area. You have answered some of the concerns I had. I seem to burn up the $400.00 grills about every 1-2 years, They just don't last. You said you where getting some rust on some of the fastners I wonder why they did not use stainless fastners? Anyway thanks for taking time to answer some questions.


Smokin to Please
This is a edited copy of an email I sent FE back in September and pretty much sums up my experience with this grill:

I don’t know how much feedback you’ve gotten from users of the FEC grill/cooker so I thought I would tell about my experience. Let me preface this by saying that I own multiple Weber grills, WSM, Lang 60, Traeger 125, and an FEC100 (IQ4). I purchased the FEC grill/cooker in mid July from ******, have put it through its paces multiple times since, and can say without question that it does a fantastic job as an all round, multi-purpose cooker. I’ve cooked steaks, hamburgers, chicken (whole and parts), Cornish game hens, vegetables, beef tenderloin, pork loin and tenderloin, Boston butts, ribs, and brisket. It does a great job searing on the direct side. On the indirect side, I think it is actually on a par with the FEC100 – maybe even a little more smoke penetration. Overall, it is a quality cooker. If I have any criticism, it has to do with the “fit and finish”. Wish Cookshack could have built it. The paint job is not the best – have had several rust spots appear spontaneously where there were no obvious pre-existing scratches or dings, screws/bolts do not appear to be high quality, and despite following ***’s instructions I still have the issue of the cooker lid binding with the hopper lid ( a good bang on the cooker lid usually solves it ). With all that being said, I would not hesitate to recommend this cooker to anyone.

Thanks and good luck with this venture"

By the way, FE sent me a can of touch up paint to take care of the rust spots.
It WAS a new stone.

Yes, I've done many on grills directly, but I'm looking for a specific type crust. As the side where the stone is, is indirect, it wouldn't get the bottom the way I wanted.

We love the stone, it's actually the same stone used in Pizza Ovens from a place in California that makes them.

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